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The White House of the Confederacy is the Museum's largest artifact. It requires constant care, preservation, and conservation - like many historic homes. The White House of the Confederacy must continue to be an engaging visitor experience after the collection and existing museum exhibits move to the new headquarters at Historic Tredegar. There are a series of program enhancements and restoration projects to be completed in order to ensure the important stories we tell here are preserved in perpetuity. These include a new visitor experience and exhibit in the basement of the White House, a clear and welcoming entrance to the site through the garden, and ongoing upkeep of a 200 year old historic home that has had more than 3 million visitors over the last 120 years.

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Ground Floor Exhibits

  • Approximately 2000sf of space currently closed to the public will be renovated and restored to serve as new exhibits for a pre- and post-tour self-guided visitor experience.
  • Exhibit concept and design work is scheduled to begin in late 2018. Possible topics may include the antebellum history of the house in the context of the Court End neighborhood and its proximity to the Capitol, its role as the political, military, and social center of the Confederacy, or the house as a location for the Confederate Museum.

BUDGET: $375,000

Grand Entrance

  • Visitors will enter a renovated west wing of the existing museum building to buy tickets, merchandise, and receive orientation to the site.
  • Significant new hardscaping, landscaping, and lighting of this area is required.
  • While things are dug up, a new site drainage plan will be incorporated to redirect water away from the White House, mitigating the “rising damp” in the basement.

BUDGET: $300,000


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Ongoing Capital Expenses 

  • Replace the portico deck: $71,335 complete 2016
  • Restore 42 windows throughout: $60,000 in progress
  • Tour path carpet: $30,000
  • Exterior Powerwashing and Painting: $50,000
  • Window Frames and Shutter Restoration: $25,000